Monday, Jan 15, 2018
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Interview with Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Akanda

Can you start off by telling us about Akanda?

HR:Of course. Akanda is revolutionizing the network virtualization industry by providing a simple, open source networking stack that manages routing, firewall and load balancing in secure multi-tenant OpenStack environments.

You recently announced a partnership with Cumulus Networks. Can you describe that?

HR: Yes. Akanda and Cumulus Networks, the provider of Cumulus Linux operating system for open networking, are working together to advance virtual networking for OpenStack environments. Our two companies will provide support for Lightweight Network Virtualization (LNV), providing a complete networking stack for bare metal switches that greatly accelerates VXLAN performance in multi-tenant clouds and dramatically reduces complexity and cost.

How will this partnership work in practice?

HR: Together, Akanda and Cumulus Networks will deliver the industry’s first, lightweight network overlay solution for cloud services on bare metal switches. Akanda contributes multi-tenant Layer 3 through 7 functionality to the Cumulus hardware accelerated underlay to offer a full OpenStack networking stack.

Can you list some of the benefits to OpenStack networking that will result?

HR: The joint solution enables OpenStack cloud builders to eliminate the need for SDN controllers, accelerate VXLAN traffic for tenant network isolation and maximize hypervisor and top-of-rack switch network performance. The combination provides operational simplicity with a production proven solution.

How will this partnership affect the OpenStack environments?

HR: “The first generation SDN solutions were not built for OpenStack. This joint solution is a huge step forward for OpenStack cloud operators with multi-tenant networking needs. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cumulus Networks, a company that shares our passion for defining simple, open source modern network infrastructures.

Are there any other related developments?

HR: Yes. Akanda has announced Akanda 1.0, a network orchestration platform that simplifies the delivery and management of network services in OpenStack clouds. By providing the critical functions of health monitoring, event processing and all interactions with the OpenStack Neutron API, Akanda takes the place of many of the agents that OpenStack Neutron communicates with and acts as a single control point for all networking services.


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