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Interview with Jerry Melnick, President and CEO of SIOS Technology

Please tell us about SIOS’ new machine learning-based IT operations analytics platform for virtual environments.

JM:SIOS iQ operations analytics platform is the first to broadly apply a big data/data mining approach to the problem of understanding and optimizing complex virtualized environments. Traditional approaches focus on recording and reporting discrete events, (e.g., CPU utilization exceeding a threshold) to identify a problem. With these approaches, complex or subtle issues often go unnoticed and IT staff are inundated with alerts without guidance for prioritizing, interpreting or correcting them. Instead, SIOS iQ uses advanced topological behavior analysis to look at patterns of behavior between interrelated objects (i.e., compute, application, storage, networking) and over time. This approach enables SIOS iQ to identify problems sooner and recommend the best solutions, filtering out the noise and alert storms typical in traditional approaches. Machine learning also eliminates the need to manually configure thresholds and continually adjust them to accommodate changes in the environment.

What insights does SIOS iQ’s new features announced in November give to IT managers?

JM: In one touch, SIOS iQ provides IT managers the information and recommendations they need to ensure their applications are operating efficiently, that issues are identified and resolved quickly, and that VMware resources are not being wasted. The newest enhancements to SIOS iQ further simplify their ability to understand IT operations and to resolve issues in dynamic virtual environments by delivering faster, more accurate identification and resolution of root causes of performance issues.

SIOS iQ version 3.3 is immediately available. What new features does it include?

JM: Version 3.3 is immediately available and includes:

  • Immediate Time to Value with Best Practices Analysis – New best practices analysis feature enables SIOS iQ to provide insights on performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity utilization immediately after implementation, accelerating its automated process of learning and characterizing behavior of interrelated objects in the infrastructure.
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 (vROps) Event Injection – SIOS iQ enhances vROps by enabling it to provide customers with key information on: high availability cluster health; host-based caching configuration recommendations; undersized VMs; and idle resources including snapshot and VM sprawl through its Environment Health map and issue display. With SIOS iQ, vROps users gain precise identification of performance issues, such as “noisy neighbors”, hardware degradation, and slow application performance with specific recommendations for remediation.
  • Enhanced Performance Issue Event Correlation – SIOS iQ can now identify additional root causes of performance issues, including network anomalies (released in v3.2), newly provisioned VM(s), Live Migration of VMs, and under-sized VMs.

Can you give us a preview into the next release of SIOS iQ?

JM:The next release of SIOS iQ, version 3.4, will be available by the end of the year and will include:

  • Topology Impact Analysis View – SIOS iQ provides a dynamic, visual map of the VMware infrastructure showing interrelated objects (VMs, network, storage, and applications) and their interrelationships highlighting current status and highlighting anomalous behavior. Touch-enabled drill down screens enable IT to explore detailed root causes of performance issues and recommendations for improvement.
  • Semi-Supervised Learning – IT staff can augment SIOS iQ’s understanding of both normal and anomalous infrastructure behavior by adding individualized parameters for increased precision and accuracy.
  • Reliability Analysis for VMware HA – SIOS iQ enables users to ensure their VMware infrastructure is protected in the event of host failures. The SIOS PERC Dashboard™ reliability indicator shows the number of host failures that a cluster has sustained over time and indicates when there are not enough hosts to sustain future failures.

What new challenges do virtual and cloud environments bring to an enterprise?

JM: Virtual and cloud environments are designed to be highly dynamic and responsive to the changing business needs of the enterprise. They enable IT staff to add resource capacity or move workloads and resources to where they are needed. They can add processors to handle spikes in demand, add new applications to meet line-of-business needs, scale to accommodate fast business growth, or downsize to save money during periods of off-peak demand. Planning for change and predicting the impact of changes in large-scale virtual infrastructures are very difficult. Keeping these environments running at optimal efficiency using traditional tools requires constant vigilance, manual analysis, and continual reconfiguration and tuning.

How is SIOS iQ different from traditional approaches?

JM:SIOS iQ is a platform that integrates large volumes of data from a variety of sources (including application and infrastructure data from third party tools and frameworks), applies next-generation machine learning/Big Data analytics technology, and presents actionable insights through an intuitive mobile, touch-optimized UI.

Patented topological behavior analysis and graph technology enable SIOS iQ to organize, analyze, and learn from large, complex integrated data streams and events arising from the real-time operations. It automatically groups and graphs object relationships based on their interactions. It applies machine learning to identify subtle changes in behavior patterns among related objects that may predict important or abnormal trends. It also enables IT to safely assess the impact of recommendations before they are made. SIOS iQ self-adapts to new data and environment changes without ongoing manual adjustment.

Where can I get SIOS iQ?

JM: SIOS iQ is available immediately. SIOS iQ is a host-license based product that is sold as a renewable subscription. During the valid subscription period SIOS iQ subscribers are entitled to 12 hours/day, 5 days/week support and to receive new features and updates that will be delivered through the built-in automatic product update feature. A free edition of SIOS iQ is also available. SIOS iQ Standard Edition is available here:  http://us.sios.com/iq/cta/how-to-buy