Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
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Online Casinos’ Use of Virtualization

With a market that is virtual, online casinos often make use of virtualization in order to optimize their platforms and provide the fastest and best service to their clients. The online platforms are typically complex; hosting more than one type of casino game. Royal Vegas online casino is one of the top rated online casinos where you can enjoy a variety of fun casino games. You can play free slots at Royal Vegas; enjoying their selection of over 300 different slot machine games. They host the widely popular video slots in a variety of themes, as well as fruit, reel and arcade slots. In addition, Royal Vegas rewards all of its new clients with a $1200 valued new player welcome bonus! This generous reward is one way Royal Vegas shows its superiority in an increasingly saturated market. As a result, virtualization is often used to make online casinos run better. Here are some of the ways in which virtualization is utilized.

Cloud Computing for Speed

With online casinos needing to operate in real time, they need to have servers and a platform that can handle a lot of traffic and not be slowed down significantly that it will impact the user’s experience of the platform. Some online casinos have used cloud computing as a solution to fix inactivity and lagging on their sites. With the aid of cloud computing, users can play their games seamlessly, with it only taking 2 seconds to a user to increase their stakes in a game. This is virtually immediate; with the 2 seconds hardly being identifiable to the player, and thus not impacting their online gaming experience. This clever solution allows online casinos to create a constant stream of immediate data, all while processing a the large amount of data that is being submitted from the players. This allows websites the ability to support over a million players at the same time.

Software Defined Data Centers

Software Defined Data Centers, more commonly referred to as ‘virtual servers’ are a type of cloud computing that is often used specifically to make sure that an online casino’s website does not become overloaded with more data than it can handle. This prevents the website from freezing or completely shutting down. Making use of a virtual server is very advantageous for online casinos. In the industry, your reputation as an online casino is so important. If you develop a reputation for having a website that constantly freezes, people will look elsewhere for an alternative service provider. This is understandable as people deal with large sums of money being wagered on these websites. Virtual solutions to these problems are offered by many companies, including the very reputable Veeam.

It is obvious that virtualization is a very important solution to some big problems that online casinos may face. Those who are still not using cloud computing and other solutions such as software defined data centers may find themselves unable to keep their clients in an industry where always being online counts.