Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Zentera

Convergence of Networking and Security

Networking and security will no doubt continue to converge in 2017 as the adoption of cloud computing leads to widespread changes in how networks and security get implemented and deployed across cloud datacenters and enterprise on-premise environments.

Although the cloud has been heavily utilized for development and testing purposes, it is hard to move production workloads to the cloud while preserving the existing governance and compliance measures. There are considerable networking and security challenges in integrating the different domains to build a hybrid (or multicloud) environment—many of the enterprise internal network, security, computing stack, solutions and technologies do not apply to workloads running in the public or private cloud.

This networking and security convergence in 2017 will accelerate the provisioning of virtual network infrastructures by the various tiers of on-premise and cloud-related service providers, all helping enterprises migrate their production workloads to the cloud. New converged solutions will help the cloud ecosystem make a complex job simple and lead to new industry standards for multiclouds with enterprise-grade security. Having a software-defined virtual network converged with deeply embedded and layered security will enable companies to migrate and then protect production workloads across multicloud environments.

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