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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: SVA Software – 7 Shifting Trends in Storage and Virtualization

Another year has come and almost gone, but not before we have a chance to learn from it. For those who care about what’s to come in virtualization and cloud environments (and these days, that should be everyone in every industry), it’s important to take an annual pulse-check—both to identify the current year’s pain points and prepare to do better going forward.

To that end, my 2017 predictions focus on seven emerging trends in storage that can help organizations draw maximum performance from their virtualized data centers:

Greater Prioritization of Storage Management

In 2016, we began to see the emergence of storage management as a top issue that companies must address in order to get the most out of their infrastructure performance. In 2017, don’t be surprised to see optimization of storage considerations take center stage for administrators of any virtualized environment. Specifically, successful organizations will be making sure that they have the right tool to help them thoroughly evaluate their storage infrastructure, so that they can understand everything about its performance and capacity.

Recognition of What Not to Do

It takes time for mistakes of the past to evolve into wisdom, and in the coming year, I predict a groundswell of interest in moving beyond the previous year’s pitfalls. Specifically, those who care about better performance for their storage installations will jettison unnecessary extra storage management tools so that they can hone in on just one tool that does what they need. Using a single reliable tool to optimize the storage environment can help companies avoid inefficient usage of multiple tools while saving IT resources and providing more accurate information about their data center.

Proactive Monitoring of the Storage Environment

As companies get their priorities straight and hone in on the right tool to help them efficiently manage their infrastructure, they will naturally seek a solution that allows them to monitor their storage environment around the clock. 2017 will be the year that data collection takes center stage for on-demand analysis. It is only by taking this bird’s eye view of the forest, trees, and leaves of the storage infrastructure that administrators can garner the insight they need to improve the future performance of their virtualized data center.

Quick Pinpointing Will Lead to Accurate Assessment

Without a strong assessment tool, it can be challenging to gain a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure to ensure proper storage optimization. Forward-thinking companies will identify an online tool that has exceptional pinpointing capabilities—much like Google Earth but for the storage environment. In 2017, companies will be able to access such a tool that presents the big picture plus the minute details to reveal answers on storage infrastructure optimization. Fortunately, with an assessment tool like this, companies won’t need to fall back on expensive hardware solutions or network resources to accurately assess their storage environments. They’ll now be able to see application performance problems and address them right away to ensure optimal performance for users.

Health Check-up Will Reveal Insights

As organizations start to move away from using multiple tools and attempting to manage their infrastructure with limited information, they will also begin to recognize how important it is to perform a regular “check-up” review of their IT infrastructure’s health. I predict that as 2017 unfolds, more administrators will place a high premium on safeguarding their storage virtualization environment via a health check of their infrastructure. Free online tools that walk companies step by step through such an assessment make this a no-brainer for those who want to successfully benchmark and reach their storage performance objectives.

Diagnostics Help Avoid Disasters

The future is about progress, and we’re continuing to move in the right direction. The past was about using hardware solutions to attempt to manage the data deluge, but more effective storage solutions in 2017 have been designed to access the specific intelligence that reveals which areas need immediate attention. Through diagnostics, administrators can receive valuable insights to maximize app performance and avoid disasters that can grind business to a halt. It sounds like magic, but it’s really as simple as having the right assessment tool that can monitor data-risk levels and provide an inside look at your infrastructure’s utilization, performance, and resilience.

The New End Game: Cost-Savings

Needless to say, when administrators can access an unbiased viewpoint to help them plan for future optimization of their storage infrastructure, it can lead to significant cost-savings. The final nail in the coffin of pricey hardware solutions will be the cost reductions realized when companies move their applications onto the right storage tier. Tomorrow’s leading companies won’t waste resources when managing their infrastructure but will embrace only those solutions that identify top storage performance while lowering expenses and risks. To put it simply, 2017 will be about aligning workload performance requirements with the most reasonably priced storage system.

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