Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: Kaleao – A Year of Change and Restructuring

2017 has already been a year of change and restructuring on many fronts.  Here at KALEAO, we see tech trends that have their beginnings in year’s past, further maturing and seeing widespread adoption and recognition in 2017.  Some of our tech predictions for the new year include:

All-Flash Storage Becomes Mainstream

Thanks to lower prices, new scale out technologies and better performance, solid state storage will not be an exception anymore but the new normal. In 2017, we believe that all flash storage adoption will increase, moving the bottleneck issues more to network and I/O that will receive a lot of attention.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Becomes Mainstream, too

This year, we will see hyperconverged solutions seriously considered as a datacenter option by enterprises and covering additional usage areas, as well. Hyperconverged Infrastructure adoption will grow because of  distributed scale out storage that works and is more affordable than ever before. The competition is crowded in the sector and the year 2017 will also define the leaders in the space.  We’ve already seen SimpliVity acquired this year, consolidating the HCI leader board.

Containers, Containers, Containers

Containers became a tech buzzword in 2016. Docker has seen the future and made great strides over the past year to make this technology a viable alternative. We predict this trend will continue in 2017, seeing more companies adopting containers in their production environments.

Open Technology Becomes More Popular

Speaking of Docker, open source technologies like Docker, Open Stack and Hadoop will also become more popular in 2017, as they provide flexibility and affordability to enterprises and service providers. Open sources options of 2017 are mature and have strong development communities that stand behind them and support their development and maintenance.

By the looks of the first month, 2017 is sure to be an interesting year and we expect growth and transformation in the tech sector to match the tempo of change we have seen so far this year.