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4 Reasons Your Startup Should Be Using a Virtual Office

Over the last ten years, the word ‘start-up’ has become a firm part of the public consciousness and the business world. The rise of flexible, innovative working models has been hugely accelerated by economic conditions. While the global recession made life hard for companies of all shapes and sizes, many survived by stripping back and streamlining.

Start-ups are typically leaner and agiler than bigger businesses. They are unafraid to try new things and reshape notions of the traditional office. It is one of the reasons why virtual facilities have become so popular. They allow businesses to retain control over their overheads and make judgements about growth and investment according to the state of the market.

Keep reading to find out how your start-up company could benefit from a virtual workspace.

Minimal Downtime

Virtual facilities are a great asset for enterprises trying to expand overseas. For instance, there are several high-end providers across Southeast Asia. In Hong Kong, you can launch a business within days, because these shared workspaces are available all the time.

You do not have to wait for a lease to be finalised. You can start using the broadband, telephone lines, mailboxes, conference rooms, printing equipment, and more as soon as you register. Visit to check out the resources on offer.

All Expenses Count

It is the only type of office which allows tenants to pay for precisely what they use and no more. The shared corporate suites in virtual offices are available on a ‘pick and mix’ basis. It essentially means that you can get rid of any items and features that you do not need.

You are in full control of the office package. You can swap mailbox services for a dedicated telephone line. If you do not need to hold meetings, you can make sure that conference room access is not a part of your bill. In a virtual workspace, the tenant is in control.

Impressive Locations

One thing which start-up companies tend to struggle with initially is securing a really great office location. You might find a lease that is superb on the inside and caters to all your needs, but if it is not at the heart of the action, you will miss out on opportunities.

Ideally, if you are expanding or launching a business overseas, your main office should be in a central spot. Addresses like those on Peking Road and Finance Street, in Hong Kong, are bound to get heads turning. Investors prefer companies in high impact, high action locations.

No Maintenance Costs

It is true that virtual offices are not leased privately or outright to individuals. You do not rent the space for your own use. It is shared. However, the big benefit of this is that you are not responsible for the fundamental, underlying costs that usually eat up most of the early budgets.

Utility (heating, lighting, cleaning) and maintenance (IT support) costs are distributed across all tenants, so their impact on access fees is barely noticeable. It is certainly a much more cost-effective way to launch a business in a place like Hong Kong, where rent prices are high.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Virtual Office

The first step is identifying your needs. For instance, do you require last minute access to boardroom spaces or presenting equipment? Is a 24/7 phone line a priority, because you have customers all over the world?

The beauty of virtual offices is that they cater to all needs, but finding the right one is easier if you know where to start. Don’t be afraid to limit your search to the best corporate locations in Hong Kong, because sharing a corporate suite makes even the most prestigious addresses entirely attainable.