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Generator Brands to Keep Up with in 2017

If you live in an area with frequent inclement weather, investing in a standby generator is an investment in the safety of your family. However, a power failure can occur for a wide variety of reasons that have nothing to do with weather. For example, according to CyberSquirrel1, (a slightly satirical yet factually correct database of animal related “attacks” on the American power grid) there have been a total of 927 successful attempts to take down the grid by squirrels, 461 by birds and 13 by some pretty ambitious jellyfish.

If you want a standby generator, but aren’t sure of where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the best generator brands for the coming year:


When it comes to most recognizable names, it doesn’t get more household than Generac. They are the leading standby generator manufacturer and have been for some time. Recent models utilize the power of “smart” technology, specifically their Smart Management Modules (SMMs) which are load management systems that direct backup power to essential circuits. The SMMs are wireless which help keep installation costs low and can be installed in more convenient locations.


One of the lesser known brands, but still a great and affordable option that never sacrifices quality. The 42436-portable generator is solid model that comes with a great low price-point with a relatively high output for a portable engine. It’s comes stacked with 1,200-watt output and will run for 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline. The 42436 is a compact model that is the perfect outdoor accessory for camping and roaming the countryside in your RV.


Similar to Generac, Cummins manufactures a large variety of units and most are in the industrial sector. However, just because they specialize in industrial machinery, does not mean that they don’t also excel in other sectors. Cummins also makes portable and standby units for residential, recreational and commercial use.  A great Cummins generator is the RS20—it produces 20,000-watts (which is typically enough to power a small home) and comes with a remote web server set up for mobile monitoring and operation.

Briggs & Stratton

Next to Generac, Briggs & Stratton is one of the biggest names in standby power. Mostly known for lawn mowers, they’ve taken their knowledge of small engines and translated it directly to power generation. When it comes to their standby generators, the 40303 unit has a 15,000-watt output, which won’t power your entire home, but will definitely keep some critical appliances running. The 40303 is powered with natural gas/propane and has a unique exhaust system that makes it a supremely quiet machine.


You can usually find Kohler machines in data centers all across the world, used for small business and even in residential areas. The 200RESCL unit is one of the most powerful engines that Kohler manufactures. It’s small and compact, yet sturdy and has an enclosure designed to defend against corrosion and other factors that impact outside machinery.

These are the best generators in the power generator industry. However, the brand you choose, ultimately comes down to personal preference as to which is best. Comparatively, they all come packed with great features and it’s important to take a deep look into what each brings to the table to determine which is right for your family.