Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
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Machine Learning on Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges

No matter what people say, machines are a great way to make sure work is even and precise. Machines have been there to help people ease work and make it easier than ever before. However, machines can also learn; the more technology progresses, the more automated everything becomes. The beauty of machines can be terrific to the automation of the human workforce and, because of this, many opportunities have risen for people who know machine learning like those at ActiveWizards, along with much more. This opens up new horizons; thus, new discoveries, but still, there are challenges to overcome.

You Can Get the World’s Data in Just a Few Simple Clicks

Data can be very useful; it can help you market, sell, deliver a message, or ask for an action. When machines have learned how to gather the data correctly, precisely, and fast, you can have the data you need to do everything in no time. Imagine the time needed to survey the people on social media. If you use human workforce to do it, you will end up taking months. This should be fine if the trend is not constantly changing; however, the trend today is not the trend tomorrow. The opinions of today are already turned by the end of the day, so you would have to make machines gather as much data as possible. With big data, you can predict the world’s movements. When you predict the flow of the trend, you can then create better strategies to market, sell a product, and install an advocacy.

Moreover, big data is useful for society’s survival. Scientists use big data to reveal the habits of different people; this way, they can predict how people develop disorders, diseases, and complications. After they identify the problem, they can then proceed to make the necessary cures, administer the proper therapy, and other things that may be associated with it. Society yearns for order and peace and acquiring big data through fast and automated machines that can learn is the most efficient way to do it.

Challenges Come from Those who Invented Them

Machine learning is powerful; however, it has limits. Some limits have been set to protect your privacy and keep the world from hackers. These limits pull back machine learning from data that can be demeaning. The challenge here is to collect data without compromising people. As humans, people have to protect themselves from potential harm and, given the limits of machines, it can be a struggle sometimes.

Machine learning also faces the limits of current technology. The world already has supercomputers and may have reached the epitome of technology. Looking back, you would have to look at how people were amazed to see 128MB memory cards. Now, even 32GB SD cards are not enough. The same idea goes for machine learning; it has to adjust to more and more people on social media, the internet, the streets, the malls, etc. A machine can only learn what it was programmed to learn, and every day, new situations arise. These present real-time challenges should be addressed to get the advantage over other competitors.