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Tried and True Ways to Engage Your Employees Today

Have you imagined what every workplace would be like if all employees were motivated, involved, and passionate about their work? You’ve guessed it right – successful.

The problem with most companies is that only a bunch of employees are truly enthusiastic about their jobs. In fact, an article from Harvard Business Review revealed that less than one-third of American employees feel engaged. This incidence has already been around for several years. While corporate leaders and managers realize that disengagement is a common issue at work, not everyone can step up to do something about it.

If you run a business or lead a team and are serious about taking employee engagement to the next level, we have outlined several actionable tips for you. Start implementing them today and you’ll see a big difference. Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Appreciate Your Employees’ Strengths

You’re not perfect and so are your employees. We know, mistakes at work should be avoided as much as possible. But to boost a person’s drive to obtain positive results, it’s important to focus on that’s person’s strengths instead of his weaknesses.

A workplace that adopts a culture where strengths are celebrated is a place where employees learn better and master their natural talents.

2. Make Gratitude a Daily Habit

Hear this: A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Sadly, one of the things that managers often take for granted is the act of expressing gratitude. It has been shown that giving thanks to your employees reduces feelings of dissatisfaction, burnout, and absenteeism which are all signs of low engagement levels at work.

Aside from saying thank you, other creative ways to show that you are grateful include giving them a pat on the back after a job well done and being specific about your praise.

3. Have Fun Together Inside or Outside the Office

You don’t have to wait for your annual team building activity to engage your workers. You can start doing it from day one by incorporating fun at work.

A great method would be to create unique traditions such as having team lunches during Fridays, exchanging gift during occasions, and throwing a prom night. Other simple and free ways to have fun include giving compliments and sharing clean jokes.

4. Start a Wellness Program

One excellent way to show your workers that you care about their health and well-being is to start a company wellness program. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that 40% of employees are pressured and anxious which puts them at risk for developing diseases.

Your wellness program doesn’t have to be a costly one. You can organize team aerobic exercise sessions once a week or even encourage your employees to choose healthier snacks by sharing great recipes.

5. Avoid Playing Favorites as Much as Possible

While there are really top performing employees that you cannot help but appreciate, you should also remember to avoid playing favoritism. Showing people in your office that you favor one person over the other can spark disengagement and envy among those who are trying to do their best.

Instead, give everyone the chance to “shine” by setting unique challenges every month and letting them know that whoever meets a certain goal will be featured in your office’s “Stars of the Month” bulletin board.

6. Provide Growth and Advancement Opportunities

How much do you trust your employees to fulfill more complex roles and responsibilities? If you want your workforce to mature and expand their capabilities, give them new learning opportunities.

This sends them the message that you value their professional growth and see them as a vital part of your organization. But before that, make sure to assess each employee’s personal and career goals. Put in mind that some workers are more aggressive in pursuing advancement than the rest.


Employee engagement is the ultimate key to a successful business. Don’t just rely on traditional means to help your staff members feel more empowered, go out of your way to boost your employees’ level of engagement today. The strategies in this article may take some time and effort, but the benefits will be worth your while.