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How to Explore Bangkok on a Shoestring Budget

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What? Did you expect that? You must be dreaming!

Now that you have read it once more and realized that it was only a joke, why don’t you give us a chance to take you down the world of enchantment and land up in Bangkok, Thailand? Well, as you must be wondering what’s so special about our blabbering when we are denying giving you a free trip, why don’t you put on your thinking caps and read the article so that you realise that even without getting a free offer, you can explore Bangkok on a shoestring budget!

Read on if you do not believe this!

Be Ready to Use the Public Transport

Whenever you visit Bangkok, the tuk-tuks going past you will definitely be very alluring. However, you must also know that to indulge in this authentic luxury; you must be ready to pay more than expected. So, if you are really on a tight budget, why don’t you board the various public buses that are the easiest way of travelling from one part of Bangkok to another?

Sharpen Your Bargaining Skills

Whenever you visit the marketplaces in Bangkok, you will come across so many beautiful and traditional things that you would hardly be able to glide your eyes past them. Thus, as you will feel that you must take back memories from Bangkok as souvenirs to be distributed among your loved ones, you have to be ready to jump into the ring and bargain your heart out. You might not succeed every single time, but it’s worth a try.

Book the Stay in Advance

When you visit Thailand, you will be confused as to which hotel to stay in because of the various options available. The best part about visiting Bangkok is the availability of budget accommodations that are equally comfortable. So, when you are not on a high budget, it is always better to book a room at a budget hotel in Bangkok in advance so that you don’t have to pay a huge tariff upon reaching the hotel at an odd hour of the day.

Try Out the Street Food

Surprisingly, the food stalls available on the streets of Bangkok sell delicious food. Though most of the street food belongs to the local cuisine, yet the exotic flavour of the Thai cuisine is mouthwatering. Plus, when the aroma of Red Thai Curry reaches your nostrils, you would perhaps follow your instincts and enjoy a hearty meal at the roadside food stalls like a king without burning a hole in your pocket.

Choose Where to Go To

If you have to save a penny every time you think of exploring Bangkok, it is better if you chalk out the places that you hardly cost you anything. For example, if you take a casual walk down the sandy beach on a warm summer afternoon or jump around the waves the splash ashore with your dear friends and family, you will have an experience of a lifetime. Plus, you won’t be charged anything as long as you can hold yourself back from breaking the rules and incurring a fine as a result of your mistakes. So, this kind of pre-planning would surely help you to explore the enchanting place of Bangkok without worrying much about how money you’re carrying in your wallet.

Well, perhaps you have understood by now that you have gained the confidence to set out on an international tour soon enough. Yes, it cannot be free of cost; nut, when you get the opportunity of exploring a different country on the same budget as indulging in a luxurious vacation in your own country, why would you miss this? Moreover, please do remember to avail the SpiceJet flight booking in advance to get discounts!