Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
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How Technology Is Changing The World Of HR

Rapid changes in technology have affected every sector, from the sports industry to the job market. HR in particular has undergone a series of adjustments in the last few years, and it seems that technology will continue to transform the world of recruitment in 2018. This is mainly because while the technology growth is promising, there are still downsides to the innovative technology; such as increased cyber security threats.

Here is how technology is changing the world of HR.

Managers Can Be Smarter Using Apps

One of the two main principles for HR are risk avoidance and compliance, which means that a lot of the work involved time consuming paperwork. This was monotonous and repetitive, but now technology is removing the monotony; we are recently seen a wave of new apps that provide the essential digital information, helping to save time and reduce admin tasks.

One popular wave of technology apps are systems that help HR managers to monitor their employees effectively (such as when they clock in and clock out). This can help to reduce workplace confusion, making it easier for mangers to create an accurate payroll. It also helps managers to check that the whole work force is being used in an efficient manner. One benefit of apps like this is that they can help to eliminate bias towards employees. Advance Systems Inc suggests that there are various forms of bias that make it hard for companies to be completely neutral, but apps can remove natural bias so that all employees are treated fairly.

There is also a selection of HR apps that can be used to improve communication, giving managers and employees the chance to share ideas. This is very useful as communication is an essential part of business, especially for big companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Give Employees What They Want With Mobile Technology

Another form of HR innovation is mobile apps that make it easier for employees to access essential information (such as hiring policies and company policies). This is a great way to save time as employees won’t have to send emails to HR to find out about their pay check; instead they can just log on to the system themselves to check.

The cloud can also be used to give employees the chance to easily communicate with managers. This is ideal for the current workforce; over one in three workers in the US today are millennials, so they are well prepared for a technology focused workplace.

Today’s HR teams are very different to HR teams 20 years ago. Innovative technology has changed every part of human relations, from apps that can track hours to tools that employees can use to answer HR questions.