Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
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Executive Viewpoint 2018 Prediction: Sumo Logic – Ramin Sayar

Demand for Multi-cloud, Multi-platform will Drive the need for Multi-choice

Over the past few years, there has been much debate within enterprise IT about moving critical infrastructure to the cloud – specifically, around which cloud model is the most cost effective, secure and scalable. One thing is for certain – the cloud is the present (and future) of enterprise IT, and legacy companies continuing to predominantly or solely house their infrastructure on-premises to support existing or new modern applications will become increasingly irrelevant in a few years from now as their competitors will prevail.

Moreover, this problem is further exacerbated as cloud users are demanding choice, which is going to drive massive growth in multi-cloud, multi-platform adoption in 2018. As a result, enterprises will need a unified cloud native analytics platform that can run across any vendor, whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft or Google, including what’s traditionally running on-premise. This agnostic model will serve as the backbone for the new world I refer to as the analytics economy, defined by positive disruption at every layer of the stack.

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