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Executive Viewpoint 2018 Prediction: Citrix – The Emergence of Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Will Transform How People Work

Cloud-based predictive analytics will transform the way employees securely access their apps and data in 2018, enhancing security and driving productivity for enterprises.

This year, my company has become clearly focused on transitioning the entire organization to a cloud-first mindset. That’s because that cloud-first model enables us to provide value in ways that simply are not possible with a traditional on-premises deployment of our solutions. (To be clear, I’m talking about the management control plane. Customers can run their workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or some hybrid of both and still get the advantages of a cloud-based workspace solution.)

While a lot of attention focuses on the operational and integration benefits accrued through cloud services, we’re just beginning to see the tremendous potential available by combining the telemetry gained when employees access their apps and data in the cloud. That understanding drove our focus on introducing an analytics service in 2018.

By combining information on behavior patterns with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to implement security processes that are invisible to end users, which means they don’t need to do anything extra to comply with security policies while they work. Meanwhile, with the analytics running in the background, managers can identify when someone’s access privileges might be compromised, or use virtualized secure browsers to route risky employee behavior into a protective online sandbox to prevent security breaches.

Analytics also makes it possible to identify opportunities to streamline workflows and adapt them individual work habits to make it easier and faster for people to complete their tasks. Analytics can also inform business managers and IT about broader work patterns, and what their employees need to efficiently get their work done. With those insights, managers can identify opportunities for improvement, either through coaching or by providing additional tools and services. Even better, analytics can also drive real-time, autonomic recommendations to those employees based on what their peers are doing.

We see a day when we will:

  • Streamline workflows and processes to help employees work faster and more efficiently.
  • Anticipate a disruption in one cloud, giving IT time to re-route apps and services to another cloud to prevent a service failure.
  • Identify when an employee’s identity has been compromised and prevent the theft of sensitive data, malicious activity or other potential cyber-criminal behavior.
  • Shift an employee into a secure browsing environment in the event they accidently click on a dangerous link.

When it comes to cloud-based predictive analytics, we’re just seeing a sliver of its true potential.