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Executive Viewpoint 2018 Prediction: VeloCloud – SD-WAN Drives the Future of Networking

The interest in and adoption of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) by the enterprise as a replacement for legacy network infrastructure and private data connections is fast and furious. Legacy solutions have become increasingly costly and complicated to implement, install, manage, and maintain; and are limited in the ability to support emerging technologies and cloud services and applications. SD-WAN offers unlimited capabilities for maximizing the benefits of utilizing the cloud and Internet to optimize revenue generating activities and support future growth strategies.

SD-WAN applies SDN principles to the practical realities of the WAN – such as minimizing delays over long distances between nodes, and providing predictable and optimized service quality over less predictable links. The most advanced SD-WAN solutions use what is referred to as an ‘outcome-driven approach’ to cloud, applications, orchestration, control, policies and networking. Every organization has unique objectives for achieving success based on varying situations and outcomes for applications, users, and more, and SD-WAN adapts well to all scenarios.

As more companies embrace and adopt technologies that deliver collaboration and communication functionality to streamline business processes, the transformative nature of SD-WAN will change the traditional MPLS workspace. With businesses currently spending more than 80 percent of IT budgets maintaining the network, the deployment of SD-WAN becomes even more critical. The adoption of an  outcome-driven SD-WAN strategy naturally reduces the complexity and costs associated with IT deployment, management and maintenance, allowing companies to focus investments in other areas. This enables IT departments to shift from being a cost center to more of a revenue generating part of the company.

In addition, the explosion of IoT has clearly become an accepted, anticipated and critical component of real-world environments. As more organizations utilize IoT technologies to enhance and modernize the business, SD-WAN is able to scale and effortlessly support the growth. Networks that can support the bandwidth and performance required by IoT technologies have helped make this a reality.

IDC has predicted that by 2030, 80 percent of new applications will be deployed in the cloud, and by 2019 public cloud revenue will reach $141 billion. IT teams need an easier and less costly method to ensure control, security, performance and quality of experience for critical cloud applications. SD-WAN has become the answer and will continue to drive the future for businesses.