Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

How did you first meet? Should CEOs and CTOs have an existing relationship before considering a working partnership? BB: Yes, I do think that

For the emerging digital economy, data is the most prized asset.  Unfortunately, the management of underlying storage for this more valuable of assets remains

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, stores are hiring seasonal workers, Black Friday deals are being advertised, and everything is becoming pumpkin spiced.

ShiftLeft recently launched its Security-as-a-Service solution. Can you provide us a brief overview of the key capabilities of the ShiftLeft service for cloud environments? MG:

How can containers bring benefits to cloud security? MP: Containers enable organizations to isolate specific application workloads. From a security perspective, they reduce the attack

In 2016, Uber Technologies Inc brought in a net revenue of $6.5 billion, doubling its bookings from 2015 and making it one of the fastest