Thursday, Aug 17, 2017

What did Balbix announce? GB: On June 6, Balbix announced it started shipping the security industry’s first predictive breach-risk platform. The Balbix system continuously measures

Recently, Spinbackup announced Cloud Cybersecurity for G Suite Version 1.0. Why was this significant? DD: SaaS applications offer many benefits to businesses, including SaaS providers’

AlienVault likes to say that the security industry has continued to follow several paths that have resulted in little return. What exactly do you mean

ATADATA recently announced ATAsphere, which the company describes as a managed workload mobility platform that enables borderless automation for hybrid IT and cloud environments.

What is ABM and how is it different from traditional marketing models? DB: Account based marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy that focuses on identifying

What shortcomings do you see with current cloud security solutions regarding breach detection? JK: At the macro level, our industry faces two really big problems.