Monday, Feb 27, 2017

The Six 2017 (and Beyond) Trends Driving Mobile Print This time of year is traditionally one of reflection on the past and contemplation of the

Software is now embedded in every aspect of modern day business, making it critical for organizations to understand how the industry is evolving and

2017 has already been a year of change and restructuring on many fronts.  Here at KALEAO, we see tech trends that have their beginnings in

Businesses now operate in a data-dependent universe, and the ones that can harness data and employ it will be the most successful this year

Parallel Processing Software will be This Year’s Big ‘Productivity Disrupter’ 2017 will be the year that parallel processing software goes mainstream to unleash the incredible

With public cloud gaining momentum 2017 will be the year that many organizations will get down to the dirty business of figuring out how