Employee engagement is critical for any not-for-profit (NFP) organization’s internal and external communications strategy. With this in mind, we spoke with Molly Thompson, vice

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, best known for his seminal work “Simulacra and Simulation”, was fascinated with the interplay of “real” and “virtual”. He outlined

How could hackers have gotten into the HBO network? How long would this hack have taken? Do you think this is a trend that we'll continue

App developers can enhance user experience and boost engagement by adding the ability to print within the app. When creating apps, a developer works hard

The age of on-premises data centers is slowly coming to a close, as more and more organizations ditch them in favor of the cloud.

You hear a lot about endpoint management these days. How do you define endpoint management and how does it differ from desktop virtualization? JA: Endpoint