Sunday, Jun 25, 2017

Recently, Spinbackup announced Cloud Cybersecurity for G Suite Version 1.0. Why was this significant? DD: SaaS applications offer many benefits to businesses, including SaaS providers’

AlienVault likes to say that the security industry has continued to follow several paths that have resulted in little return. What exactly do you mean

Any organization worth its place in the world of business is likely driven by one of two goals: to grow and thrive (make money),

ATADATA recently announced ATAsphere, which the company describes as a managed workload mobility platform that enables borderless automation for hybrid IT and cloud environments.

What is Application-centric infrastructure performance management and why is it so important for organizations? LR: App-centric infrastructure performance management is defined as the ability to

Does cloud computing have an impact on retail business? To answer this question, it’s important to understand what cloud computing means and to get