Thursday, May 25, 2017

What shortcomings do you see with current cloud security solutions regarding breach detection? JK: At the macro level, our industry faces two really big problems.

In a world of convoluted technology, confusing terms, and acronyms and initialisms, it’s nice when something is simply and accurately named. Like big data:

No matter what people say, machines are a great way to make sure work is even and precise. Machines have been there to help

From viruses to malware and phishing, cyber attacks have increased in recent years and have led to the loss of billions of dollars and

What are the biggest challenges companies are facing in regards to running their critical web applications effectively? AH: The biggest pain points that we are

Summary Passwords are hard to manage. ID federations rely on the master-passwords. So do the multi-factor authentications as one of the key factors. Password-free life