Sunday, Jan 22, 2017

Convergence of Services for Cloud Application Delivery Will Become Mainstream in 2017, as IT Focuses on User Satisfaction and Budget Alignment Convergence in the cloud

When I look ahead to 2017 and consider where we are and where we’ll likely be on this cloud journey in the coming year,

New Hybrid Solutions for Secondary Apps and Data Will Accelerate Widespread Adoption of Public Cloud For large enterprises, public cloud adoption is a CIO mandate,

Not everyone wants to move everything to public cloud solutions. Perhaps you determined that running your own private cloud infrastructure is actually more cost effective

Massive Investment in Hybrid Cloud Strategies There’s no question that data center needs change as business applications change direction or grow. As we look into

In our view, 2017 will be the year that cloud business users take a more proactive stance in ensuring their own data backup, security