Sunday, Feb 26, 2017

The advancement of consumer cloud apps into the content management space has enabled business users to implement, sometimes purchasing, solutions outside of IT's projects

Every technological innovation comes with a bell-shaped adoption curve. Public cloud technologies are no exception. Going into 2016, the momentum of public cloud usage

The classic iconography of one year turning into the next is that of Old Father Time making way for Baby New Year.  This is

In 2017, Microservices, Serverless, SaaS, PaaS and Automation are Strategic. SDDC, HCI and IaaS are Commodities… Infrastructure fundamentally exists to run applications. A combination of

Dome9 recently announced “native” support for Microsoft Azure. What does this mean for your users? ZA: Dome9 provides security orchestration in public cloud environments.

In 2016, we saw countless achievements in the information security space. However, cybercriminals continued to refine their tactics as well. Cybersecurity never slows down: