What value does Catchpoint bring to customers? MD: Catchpoint is a digital experience intelligence company, primarily using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. We provide our customers

What is Application-centric infrastructure performance management and why is it so important for organizations? LR: App-centric infrastructure performance management is defined as the ability to

Though it’s crucial to communicate IT efficiency in terms that stakeholders can understand, IT performance metrics can be a pain to identify and consolidate.

In 2017, we predict the disciple of Application Performance Management (APM), as we know it, will evolve to Digital Experience Monitoring. Key components of

Recent studies show that IT leaders rarely understand their organization’s needs, and business leaders rarely understand IT functionality. Smart investments in business value dashboards

As 2017 rolls in, we’ll begin to see CIOs spurn the process of managing their own datacenters. Businesses are realizing the time and effort