Friday, Jan 19, 2018
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CA Technologies

Categories: Application,Backup,Cloud,Disaster Recovery,Management,Security


Acquired Veracode, Inc. (deal expected to close by Q1, 2018).

CacheGuard Technologies, Ltd

Categories: Security

Calgary Scientific

Categories: Application,Cloud,Mobile,Security

Calligo Limited

Categories: Application,Big Data,Cloud,Security

Cambium Networks, Ltd

Categories: Cloud,Management,Networking

Camouflage Software

Categories: Big Data,Cloud,Management,Security

Cancun Systems, Inc

Categories: Big Data

Canon Europe, Ltd

Categories: Management,Printing,Storage

Canonical, Ltd

Categories: Cloud,Desktop,Server

Capital Continuity

Categories: Cloud,Disaster Recovery,Management

Capriza, Inc

Categories: Application,Management,Mobile

Carbon Black, Inc

Categories: Cloud,Desktop,Management,Networking,Security


Acquired Confer Technologies, Inc in July 2016.

Carbonite, Inc

Categories: Backup,Cloud


Acquired Double-Take Software assets from Vision Solutions, Inc. in Q1, 2017.

CareWorx Corporation

Categories: Hosting,Management,Mobile

Caringo, Inc

Categories: Cloud,Storage

Carpathia Hosting, Inc

Categories: Cloud

Catalogic Software

Categories: Backup,Disaster Recovery,Management

Catavolt, Inc

Categories: Application,Cloud,Management,Mobile

Catbird Networks, Inc

Categories: Cloud,Security

Cato Networks, Inc

Categories: Cloud,Management,Security
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