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How Your Business Can Benefit from Cloud Storage Devices

Technology is truly the king in today’s world. A business without proper use of technology won’t really be able to make all their dreams come true. But the increased digitization has brought about its own dangers. Businesses create data at an increasing rate, but this data will also need an extra layer of security. A breach in your data and things would start turning sour.

So, considering how much data we’re constantly generating and how important it is to protect this data as a business, what can be done? The answer to data management lies in cloud storage devices and services. Here’s a look at how they operate and why they are an important element for business.

What is a cloud storage device?

You’ve probably heard of cloud storage, but a cloud storage device is slightly different. The basic premise is the same. You have a cloud storage, which means the data is located in a different physical location than your devices. In the typical cloud storage service, you won’t know where this location is in most instances.

However, the cloud storage device is a tangible device. It is essentially a hard drive, which you can keep at the office or another such location. It provides you with a bit more control since you’re also in charge of the device – the physical location of your data. At the same time, you still have the same accessibility and you don’t need to be in the same physical location with the device in order to access the data.

Some of the most popular cloud network and storage devices include:

  • nCrypted Cloud – encrypts your data within the cloud to keep them more secure.
  • BoxCryptor – a virtual hard disk that keeps data encrypted by using the popular AES-256 standardization.
  • Sookasa – another encrypting software to use AS-256 encryption and an administration tool for business.
  • Seagate NAS storage solution – a secure system for backups and storage of data.

Why should you use a cloud storage device?

What makes cloud storage devices such good options for business? Well, you’ll be able to control the server and the data at the same time. This enhances your security options – it can actually make hacking more difficult and therefore, your data is more secure. You are able to physically control the data and locate it elsewhere if you have to.

But since the storage also provides you with cloud service, you don’t have to worry about data recovery in the event of a natural disaster, theft or fire, for example. With a purely external device this would be a problem. But with a cloud storage device, you can recover the data immediately, even if something happens to the device. Furthermore, the device allows access from different locations – you don’t need to keep it at the office if you feel it’s not the safest place for the device.

With the help of the devices’ disaster recovery software, you will be able to recover all the data if things go wrong. This can be important in not just regaining access, but ensuring you can change things like passwords if you find your data under an attack.

Overall, the cloud storage device will provide a business with control and continuity. These are important because they ensure you are in charge of the data and what happens to it. You don’t need to rely on third parties to look after your data, but you have full control of what happens to it. At the same time, the data collection or your business practices won’t be disrupted at any point. You will be able to enjoy a continuous business strategy in terms of data collection and use.

What to consider when looking for a cloud storage device?

When selecting a cloud storage device for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to think about the security. Do you want a device with a third party access or not? Some devices can offer different level of third party access, so remember to check this before buying.

You also need to consider the ease of use. Some cloud storage devices might require more IT proficiency than others – be aware of how the installation and recovery works to ensure you fully understand it. In addition, you want to know what kind of support is available. Depending on your own skills and IT department, you might want 24/7 access to support. Of course, you also need to consider the price of cloud storage and ensure it fits your budget.

You can buy these devices online with exclusive offers from major retailers at affordable price using coupons available on Frugaa.com. The devices come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find something to suit your business needs. Always buy from a reputable retailer and a device with strong reviews. This ensures you get to enjoy the above benefits and take your data collection and storage to the next level.