Monday, Sep 25, 2017
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Cyber Security Training Offered To 6000 Teenagers

£20 million has been made available from the UK Government to provide high school children with cyber security training. The initiative is being launched by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). This course will be taken in schools and there will be no cost to the students as the funding will come entirely from the government and their partners in the scheme.

The main aim of the scheme is to increase the number of people that would be able to pursue a career in cyber security. The threat that is posed by hackers has grown substantially in the last few years. Recent attacks on institutions such as the NHS have shown that there are no companies that are ever really safe from the threat of cyber attacks. If governments are to deal with this threat then they need to increase the number of people that can not only prevent cyber attacks happening but can also help to rectify the damage that they can do if the hackers are successful in their attempts to infiltrate systems.

Many reputable sites such as take great steps to ensure that all visitors to it are protected but not all sites take these measures. Cyber security training can make it easier for people to spot when something is not quite right about a site and this can help prevent their information being stolen. This course will not only teach the basics of protecting yourself online but will also go deeper into how cyber attacks can be prevented in the first place.

Any schools that are interested in enrolling in this program will have to register their interest. There will be a certain amount of time that this can be completed before the courses begin in late Autumn. The funding has been provided for 6000 children and so places are limited. There may be more spaces that become available in the future if this initial scheme is a success and the program is repeated. The current plans for the program are that children will begin it when they are 14 and it will be completed by the time they are 18. It will give them a taste of what a career in cyber security could involve and there may be no better way for them to get such an insight as the course is very comprehensive.

The course will last for four years and there are also many hours of extra curricular courses that can be completed. However, students that do complete all of their training will receive a lot of support which can help them with their career development. There will be prescreening tests that children have to pass in order to be accepted onto the scheme. This is to ensure that those that apply have the necessary skills to be able to complete the program and get the most out of it. As the course will finish when the students are 18, this provides them with a real opportunity to head straight into a career in cyber security if this is something that they want to pursue.