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Navajo Nation / Native American Agricultural Company And UPH and Blue Financial Services Create A Partnership Group

(1888PressRelease) August 06, 2019 – A meeting was held on August 2, 2019 in the offices of OWV/NAC between the senior representatives of the newly formed partnership group, consisting of UPH&BLUE, Nexus Group, Capex Group, One World Inc and also the Native Agricultural Company (NAC). UPH&BLUE, LLC met with all the key players in Las Vegas for the kickoff of the partnership to facilitate the Navajo Financial Services project.

The meeting, which included the formal ceremony of the handover of a Financial Services Authority License to the UPH&BLUE representative Mr. Julio Montenegro (Director of Fintech & Innovation), confirmed the group’s financial investment commitment and the desired partnership with the Navajo Nation. The issued certificate allows for the formation of financial institutions like banks and credit unions to offer financial services like the acceptance of deposits, remittances, payments and also the setup of accounts for individuals and organizations requiring such financial services Рwith the ultimate goal of establishing a national banking institution.

This meeting followed the recent signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which will see the execution of a financial services initiative allowing the participant to achieve the various aims and objectives relating to collaboration, business and technology integration, and the offering of financial services to benefit the whole Navajo Nation via the Native Agricultural Company (NAC).

This initiative allows for a wide range of planned participation, such as the active cannabis market development for national and international markets with specific branding for the Navajo Nation, including the establishment of prime manufacturing facilities, introduction of Digital Crypto Currency / Blockchain, eCommerce Companies, FinTech and Software Companies, Construction and Development, Transportation and Logistics as well as the establishment of Financial and Payment Services Providers and Infrastructure setup to allow for all standard banking services. The project will also allow for the set up a formal financial infrastructure, including the establishment of Digital Banking (eBanking) and satellite branches with ATMs, POS and a branded card system – as well as the deployment of a full core banking and loan platform in this environment. The project will therefore have a primary focus on the formalization of payment structures within the state and federal guidelines of the financial markets.

UPH&BLUE, LLC: For more information visit or contact Mr. Julio Montenegro (Director Fintech & Innovation) at j.montenegro ( @ ) uph-blue dot com

Capex Group: Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Raymond Serion (Director) at ray ( @ ) capex247 dot com

Nexus Group: Mr. David Jacobs (Director) at pr ( @ ) nexusapt dot com


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